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In this review, we gave you a brief overview of aGB Review smart home system in Green Valley. This time we would like to continue the detailed evaluation of SmartHome smart home solution: design, features, usage, basic setup … and especially intelligent self learning Familiar with the user and receive voice commands.

aGB Review

Hardware design

As mentioned, the smart home is not just a home as many imagine, but a system of hardware including controllers, transmitters, switches, sensors and control software, with SmartHome. Bkav is no exception.

In terms of processing materials, SmartHome panels are made of monolithic aluminum, protected externally with Gorilla Glass tempered glass. It sounds like marketing language, but when you interact with BkavSmartHome products, you will understand that the manufacturer does not exaggerate.

The “flat” feeling is the first thing I notice when I come in contact with the control panels in the BkavSmartHome system. All front panel surfaces are touch-sensitive. Putting your finger along the panel mounted on the wall, I felt the smoothness, smooth as if touching a small mirror, this is not possible in other home automation equipment, capital Use physical buttons. The beveled edges are milled smoothly, the edge of the panel is well cut, no gap or minor fault. This proves that the process of product processing is meticulously and carefully.

The high aesthetics of the product lies in the front design. The touch panel system with simple designed icons is “flat” but still shows images of objects in the house such as ceiling lights, wall lights, chandeliers, Good, easy to use. The white of the controls and the black of the background are very noticeable when viewed from afar.

But why does the manufacturer have to work hard to create such high-end products while these subtle efforts are seldom fully documented? For many, it’s probably just a control panel, but Bkav is completely different: Bkav and the design team spend a lot of time and effort researching a process that they think is complex. And most ambitious ever.

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Smart home controller

Bkav claims BkavSmartHome is the world’s first smart home solution using a 3D console that depicts the actual home image. And for the first time, I am very excited to see that all home appliances such as televisions, air conditioners, ceiling lights, night lamps … are meticulously modeled on the 3D interface. The sophistication of the SmartHome interface also comes from the very “animated” animation used when switching between display modes.

The way SmartHome management software works is also very smart: I can interact directly with the house on the 3D graphical interface. The actual state (on / off) of each household appliance is systematically updated and displayed on the touch screen. Thanks to that, even sitting alone, I can still go to every corner of the house to control equipment such as television, curtains, air conditioning … Even, I can also sit from the editor Remotely control your home functions by touching the corresponding 3D image on the touch screen

In addition to the 3D interface, the control buttons are also scientifically arranged and easy to use. Careful, I find that at different times such as morning, afternoon, evening, and depending on which function is most commonly used, only the buttons that fit this context will appear on the screen. For example, in the morning the touch screen shows only four buttons: Morning, Exercise, Out of the house, Wake up. The user just needs to click the Exercise button, exercise machine turned on, curtain pulled up, ventilated fan activity, music emerged, the heater turned on for 30 minutes….(Souce: Facebook)

BkavSmartHome also has the ability to operate according to the predefined script. For example, at a certain time, the lighting equipment will automatically turn on, or when I choose the screenplay for the home theater, the lighting system such as lights, lighting … will automatically reduce the light, curtains The door automatically closes, the TV automatically pops up, the air conditioning system automatically adjusts to create the environment as a movie theater. When I want to receive guests, I can choose the reception scenario: all the lights are turned on, the curtain is opened …

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