Security Preparation Ahead of Euro 2016

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As we know, ahead of the 2016 European Cup event is the host France has been the target of several armed attacks. That is why the French parliament to impose red alert status is extended until the end of July in the entire city. There are two major events organized by the country of 66 million people in almost the same time, the European Cup in 2016 and the Tour de France.

Euro Cup 2016 grand event itself will take place from 10 June to 10 July 2016. Meanwhile, the Tour de France will be held on 2nd to July 24th. Predicted the two world sporting events will attract many tourists from different countries. French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, said in the face of two major tournaments that will take place that should be in a safe condition so the decision was made to extend the standby status.

Security Preparation

On the same occasion, the Prime Minister also said that France would give a decisive penalty to anyone convicted of violating any form of regulations and policies established by the security authorities when two prestigious sport competitions in the world it will be held.

In addition, the security forces will be improved so that a conducive situation can be maintained until the end of July. The latest policy is a matter of security restrictions on the use of drone technology during Euro 2016. The issuance of the ban is intended to prevent the possibility of the use of drones as a means of terror, for the spread of chemical weapons at the crowd.

French Prime Minister responded to the call of the security preparations for the European Cup event in 2016, every town venue of this tournament is also preparing the security system and perform tests on the system.

Formula security continue simmering between the organizers, the French government and security authorities, by deploying some of the personnel members of the authorities of France, soldiers to spy national intelligence, which will be placed at the point of mass movement is the point the main focus in implementing the security system.

However, each of the host cities it still had to work hard to realize the security system in their respective cities. Most cities have problems financing issues and are still looking for funds to finance the security operation, which will also involve the private sector.

security euro 2016

As affirmed by the Mayor of Bordeaux, Alain Juppe, it has provided funding of about 4 million Euros or no less than 60 billion rupiah for the whole security activities. And from the fund has spent about 10 billion rupiah for preparation. He explained again that he wants to make sure that the fans who come to his city really can feel safe and comfortable. Given the momentum of European Cup is a good time to make Bordeaux exist in the international community, and Juppe will do anything including seeking additional funds for security. For more articles about Euro 2016, you can find on

Another with the city of Toulouse, which is only set aside 500 thousand Euros, or about 6 billion rupiah for security. Of course, that number is less and they are still struggling to find sponsors. A total of 10 cities will play host to around seven million people who are spread in the town of Saint-Denis, Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Paris, Bordeaux, Saint-Etienne, Nice, Lens and Toulouse.

Each region has its price range related to how the estimated number of viewers and diehard fans who will be coming in the area outside the stadium, or a watch together alias fan zone. The French Government does not want to miss in this area because it is very sensitive, and it must be ensured everything was prepared well. With a mature security preparations are expected assault weapons as France friendly match against Germany in November last year will not recur.

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