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Lifelock is quite famous for the flexibility specifically in the different types of memberships that it has to offer. Moreover, it also presents all the information you need to know about protection from identity theft in a user-friendly manner, so that it is easy for you to understand.

Highlights of the coverage:

There are basically three plans for the adults which range from $9.99 to $29.99 for a month. These are the Standard plan, the advantages and the ultimate plus plan. All of the three plans include the million-dollar service guarantee. The company also has its own propriety system in order to alert the customer about fraud and any suspicious activity. Those of the adult members that are parents, can also get coverage for their children. This membership will cost them $5.99 for one child. This membership, for the kids, includes the propriety system that the company has developed, as well as support for the restoration of the identity.


About the Lifelock wallet:

With this, you receive a number of things.

The first thing that you get is convenient cloud storage. This means that you get free cloud storage where you can store all your valuable cards such as credit cards, IDs, ATM etc. Then, you can access all of these cards right from your smart phone.

The second thing you receive protection in case you lose this wallet. It will perform all the actions required in order to replace a lost or a stolen card. The card can be any card, including debit card, credit card, social security card, driver’s license or an insurance card.

Furthermore, you get protection and convenience right on your mobile phone. Members can simply enjoy the benefit of access to the alerts and the other services directly from their mobile phone.

Our discretion:

To sum it up, the company is one of the more dependable companies that do their best in order to provide such reliable services that people can rely on. It is to be noted that the standard plan lacks a number of features that other identity protection services have to offer, hence, it will be better if you choose either the ultimate plus package or the advantage package.

The feature of the wallet is something that people really liked. With the feature of the wallet, they can have digital copies of the different types of cards such as the ID card or the credit card. All of these cards can then be accessed directly from anywhere with just a smartphone. Moreover, you can also just purchase your credit score directly from the app in just $.99.

In order to provide you with extra protection, the app stores all the privileged information in another, more secure server. With this, they can respond efficiently when they find any kind of suspicious activity. Lastly, the company provides you with agents for support regardless of the time you require them. This is quite admirable as many of the companies only provide assistance in a fixed time period.

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