Q-See QT8516-8Z8-2 NVR Camera System Review

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The Q-See QT8516-8Z8-2 NVR Camera System is the number one choice from users when it comes to camera quality and camera affordability. The system not only has excellent reviews, it also has a number of repeat customers who claim the product is the only camera system they ever use.

The camera is excellent because it includes both daytime and nighttime vision, leaving you safe and secure throughout the entire day and the entire night. You can also take this system with you anywhere you’d like with the quality remote feature. You have the ability to view the video footage that is recording on your phone, tablet, or PC whenever you are on the go.

This camera guarantees comfort and safety because you can keep an eye on your home or business at all times if you choose to do so. If you do not take the camera with you on the go, you can rest assured knowing you can come home or go to work and watch a quality video of what went on while you were away.


Another great thing about the Q-See QT8516-8Z8-2 NVR Camera System is the fact that the quality does not waver when it comes to setting up the equipment and installing everything. You will have a worry-free and stress-free process by using the brief but highly detailed startup guide.

The brief guide gets to the point and walks you through every step, so you never feel lost or confused. This means you can have your security system set up within minutes of receiving it. You can expect to receive 100 feet of distance on night vision for the bullet and 80 feet for domes. This camera mixes quality and affordability so well, we can’t stop bragging about it. With the crystal clear images that come from the video recordings, both during the day and nighttime, there is really nothing negative we can say about this security camera system.

We recommend you to purchase the system yourself, so you can experience first-hand all of the great things we are raving about. Make a knowledgeable and well-thought out choice when making the important decision regarding what system to purchase to keep you and your co-workers or family safe. You can’t go wrong with the Q-See QT8516-8Z8-2 NVR Camera System.

Network Video Recorder Camera System Includes:

  • IP Weatherproof Cameras: 8 High-Resolution HD
  • Lines of Resolution: Cameras have 4MP and 1080p
  • Hard Drive: 2 TB that is pre-installed for you
  • Bullet Cameras that give you 100 ft. night vision
  • Remote monitoring for when you are away
  • Ability to stream live videos to a PC, iPhone, MAC, iPhone, or Android device.
  • When motion is detected, you will get email alerts that will let you know immediately

Network Video Recorder Camera System Quality

The Q-See QT8516-8Z8-2 Network Video Recorder Camera System has great reviews all the way from the actual device to the packaging of the hardware. The quality of the camera is about as good as you can ask for with a security recording system. This quality carries over into the night vision aspect of the device as well. You receive 100 feet distance on night vision for the bullet and 80 feet for the domes, which is pretty fantastic! One of the greatest parts of this camera is the quality you get with the remote feature, thanks to the Network Video Recorder ability. You can watch and keep an eye on your home or business anytime and see objects and people on your phone or tablet as clearly as you would if you were looking out of your window. You can also set up a feature to receive alerts if any motion has been detected outside of your home or business. This is great if you do not have time to sit around and constantly check the mobile footage from the video system.

Setup and Installation

The start guide is brief but detailed, giving you an easy setup process, allowing you to have this system set up and installed in no time at all.  The only issue with the start guide is that it does not seem to address what to do with all of the additional connections and wires that are on the cameras. However, if you can get past that, you will be completely happy with the installation and setup process of the device. Even beginners who have never purchased nor installed a security camera system claim that it is easy enough to figure out on your own without assistance.

Final Verdict

The final verdict for the Q-See QT8516-8Z8-2 Network Video Recorder Camera system is, indeed, a good one. Most consumers can’t stop bragging about the crystal clear quality that is received from the video footage and the simple installation and setup of the product. If you are not tech savvy and are a bit worried about finding a product you can handle on your own, this is the one for you. Not only will you have a smooth installation experience, you will also have a great camera that will stay put, thanks to its strong metal durability. While most devices similar to this one have the ability to view the footage remotely, this one, by far, has the greatest quality in that regard.  Whether you are at home, at work, on the go, or lying in bed at night, you can rest assured that you are safe and sound with the Q-See Camera System.

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