Grapefruit Diet Review: What Works and What Doesn’t

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Grapefruit diet has been around for the last 80 or more years. The idea behind grapefruit diet is ensuring that a meal is rich in protein and at the same time, grapefruit juice or just grapefruit is the primary focus. There are various versions of grapefruit diet that are in existence today with most of them having less than 1000 calories per intake. Grapefruit diet review has always attracted a lot of interest from different sectors. This is because, in the modern times, people are becoming more aware of their eating habits and how one’s diet affects one’s health.
Grapefruit diet has very specific guidelines. Such a diet is usually prepared with salad dressings, spices or even butter. It is all dependent on individual’s preference. It is worth noting that grapefruit diet excludes very hot or very cold foods as well as avoiding prepared protein food using aluminum dishes. Grapefruit diet review has shown great promise. In some instances, some people have lost over ten pounds in about twelve days. This is attributed to the enzymes that typically occur in grapefruits. It is possible to achieve such results without starving.

the grapefruit diet truths

One of the biggest advantages of adopting grapefruit diet is the quick results. But can you always expect them? Not a lot of people will tell you the grapefruit diet truths! It is encouraging to lose weight at such a high rate. It is especially beneficial when someone wants to look fit and healthy on a special occasion. Many people also employ this diet as a way of kick-starting a weight loss program. Many people also favor the grapefruit diet not only for the quick results but also for the fact that grapefruits are good for the general health. Fruits contain vitamin C, which boosts the body’s immune system. However, it is worth noting that the despite the claims that grapefruits contains enzymes that burn fats, that theory has not yet been scientifically proved. The main thing about grapefruit diet is lowering the starch intake.
One of the biggest downsides about grapefruit diet is that the twelve-day weight loss is usually temporary. This is because of the fact that it is possible to achieve such weight loss with a diet that has low calories. This can result in muscle loss, loss of water and in terms losing some fat. Grapefruit diet has also been associated with interfering with some medications by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Some of these medications include:

  • Anxiety medications such as BuSpar
    • Statin drugs such Pravachol, Zocor and Lipitor which lower cholesterol
    • Antihistamines such as Allegra
    • Organ transplant drugs

Grapefruits interfere with the way these drugs are supposed to work. For instance, taking grapefruit juice can increase Statin drug absorption into the bloodstream which can result in increased concentrations of the drug in the blood. As a result, some complications such as kidney or liver problems may occur. Another problem that can occur due to grapefruit diet is being bored by taking the same food every day for twelve days. Eventually, one may find it hard to keep up with the diet and might eventually abandon it even before the program is over. Grapefruit diet review is contentious, and the only agenda in the diet is reducing the number of calories one is taking.

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