GPS golf watches reviews

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Are you looking for a sports GPS watch? From intriguing features to stylish design, golf buddy watches have some special and unique place in the market. So brace yourself to get acquainted with golf buddy watches different products here are some of gps golf watch reviews.

GPS golf watches

Golf buddy watches WT3
Although it has large face, golf buddy WT3 have all that GPs wizardry. Maybe it’s not pretty in sight, but on the other hand its surprisingly lighter and much more comfortable on your wrist. The number displayed on screen is large and changing buttons between holes is also easy to do. With an additional feature of GPs tracking of both time and distance is a nice touch. It has the dynamic green view feature. Moreover, it only shows yardage for front, middle and back only for the same screen. It has good battery life and can be quickly charged with a charger. Products feature clear navigation, good features without the need for a subscription fee and the WT3 certainly continues this tradition. Furthermore the moveable pin technology is a bit cumbersome to use. All in all it gives only good, but not the exact measurement of distance. In a nutshell, it has digital score, hole recognition and shot distance measurement feature.

Golfbuddy watches WT4
Depicted as one of the best golf GPs watch, WT4 is not only easy to use but also has great battery life. Due to the speed and simplicity the golf buddy WT4 will make your golf game problem free. Likewise, you don’t have to sync with your PC or pair up with your smart phones, but by simply powering on you can get accurate yardages. With just four buttons, searching and navigating menus is easy making it the easiest GPs watch to be used. It provides accurate reading and outcast others when it comes to speed. The battery times are excellent where it can remain powered for more than eight consecutive hours. It has an interesting feature of dynamic green view where yardage can be adjusted in accord to your approached angle. On the other hand, it is very larger for which you need to figure it out that it adjust to your arm. Easily. At a premium price of $250 it is one of the best GPs watch on the market

Golfbuddy watches WT5
Golf buddy WT5 is visually different from its ancestors. Firstly, the most exciting thing is it is 1 gram lighter. Likewise, it has a comfortable and flexible strap which comes in a color scheme of black and blue etc. Secondly, WT5 has a much wider screen and 2mm shallower. With subtle curves this watch price has maintained the legacy to look chunkier. On the other hand, this golf buddy version has middle, front and back yardages on one screen which is quite beneficial.

Another great feature is the adjustment of front and back yardages when you are approaching from green aspect. A spotted difference from wtw4w is that one of the left hand buttons has now shifted to the right. All in all, an, like most GPs you don’t have to struggle with hazard information.

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