Chinese hengshan instruction

Mount hengshan is one of the mountains in China, located in the territory of hengyang city in hunan province.Hengshan mountain peaks towering, majestic.Hengshan 72 peak rugged 800, throughout the seven counties and cities.Main ZhuRongFeng at an altitude of 1290 meters.Ancient yue to mount hengshan country scenery is good, has a long history famous and Buddhism and Taoism coexist influence widely known in the world.Hengshan ever-green scenery each has his strong point.Early spring can ponder flowers.Summer can watch the sea of clouds.Autumn can overlook the sunrise.To enjoy the winter snow.

In 1982, hengshan famous natural landscape and human landscape in China.Mount hengshan in the name of scenic spots, by the state council approved the first batch of national key scenic spot list.In 2000, hengshan became the first 4 a grade tourist area.In 2001 and won the national top, hunan hengshan only the title of “national civilized scenery tourist area demonstration site.02, 2006 hengshan selected the first batch of national natural and cultural heritage.Hengshan in 2006 was named the most foreigners go to China one of the 50 places.In March 2007, hengshan again as the nation’s first 5 a grade scenic spot.On August 1, 2007, hengshan approved by the state council as a national nature reserve.In 2008 was named the most popular with the masses of China’s top ten scenic spots.

Hengshan monsoon climate characteristics.Hengshan in mainland degeneration often cold in winter under the high pressure control prevailing northerly winds, the temperature is low.PianNaFeng under summer hengshan is often controlled by subtropical high, the temperature is higher.Two spring and autumn is warm and cool air transition season, the temperature is moderate.Therefore, hengshan spring warming humidification.The summer heat.Autumn is cool.Mild winters.Hengshan average temperature 17.6 ℃.The winter is warm, the average temperature of 5.3 ℃ in January.Spring and autumn season two of the average temperature is between 17 ~ 19 ℃, July and August average temperature between 28.6 ~ 29.5 ℃.

Nanyue is the famous buddhist holy land.Surrounded by hundreds of miles.Hengshan has monasteries and temples view etc. More than 200.Located in nanyue nanyue temple where ancient town, is the ancient southern China and the largest of the five buildings.Nanyue temple also has “the chiangnan first temple” and “the Forbidden City in the south,” said.

Mount hengshan is the famous Taoist mountains.Huang Tingguan hengshan, the monastery for female drink offering wei hua jin tianshi dao.On is jin qing monk Xu Ling period in practice.True view, is Tang Sima ChengZhen monastery.Mr Nine true view of the west have baiyun rock (SiMaChengZhen) medicine.The five dynasties Taoist nie teacher’s principle is also in the monastery.

huashan montain intruction

The west huashan is one of the famous mountains in China.HuaYin County huashan is located in shaanxi province south of the city, because of “far and if the flower of hope” and its name.Huashan in interpretation of junsu is famous the world.From huashan mountain to extremely, places of interest very much.The Taoist temple, temple pavilions, sculpture, stone carving can be seen everywhere.Huashan is more, there are many risks diameter stone and sea of clouds (jinsong, fascinating.Is dressed up, with the nature of the transform of huashan thousand posture state be colorful sketch out.Become a state-level scenic spot.

The earliest described in Chinese ancient books huashan books, is said to be “history · yu gong”.But the original huashan, called “linton mountain”.Huashan is known as the west, the earliest in the book, however, interpretation of the mountain.Is said to be the name of the west because of king ping of zhou moved the capital of luoyang, huashan in eastern zhou city west of the name.

Huashan since ancient times is a way.Huashan from north to south throughout the southeast northwest of five mountains, to the more than 20 km.In addition, the mountain and the sky road and kite turn XianJing unheard of ordinary people.In the worse, is a famous insurance way of huashan “sky road”.Huashan mountain cliffs, risk diameter cliff stone.Its creations swimmers are astonished at the natural landscape, sigh for outlook address.Huashan, known as “interpretation of days down the mountain.Since at the end of the zhou dynasty, namely a Taoist in yuntai sermon.Jinyuan huashan has become the whole pie when finding does dojo.In all previous dynasties Gao Daozhong, especially in Chen tuan and hao chase the most famous.Have been circulating since the qin dynasty Taoist and huashan myths and legends, the existing more than 200 books.Of which opened “spirit” and “opened save mother” and “blow xiao ultra-competitive profound influence.Since the sui and tang dynasties represented by li bai and du fu song dynasties scholars praise huashan poetry and travel more than not less than 1200.For chaoyang huashan has five mountains, the east peak.Huashan south peak for the wild goose peak.Lotus peak xifeng.Five yunfeng for renovation.Huashan center for herself.Southeast west sides is cliffs, only tilted column peak north opened on huashan road.So huashan has the “huashan since ancient times a way”.Huashan is located the climate of warm temperate semi-humid continental monsoon climate.Four seasons, summer is hot and rainy.The winter cold and less snow.The spring and autumn period and the sounds the weather appear from time to tome, so huashan best tourist season is summer.In this century, huashan with its unique scenery, new attitude is becoming the Chinese and foreign visitors to the royal road to learning!

Learn the language learn the culture

We all know that the England people have different culture from the US one. Actually in many aspect, they also have a big difference. Such as the language or the living style. Even they share the same language. Rather say how huge the difference will be between the china and the western country.

The biggest different in these two country is the way they talking. I mean the accent. Just take a simply example that the totally same word “potato”. Although, they share the same spelling way. But the English people will pronounce it in a totally different way from the American people do.

Secondly, it’s the different culture in these two countries that make the people behave differently. The culture is just like the spirit environment that the people live in. As a Chinese man I will never feel any uncomfortable about putting the quilt outside, but the Americans don’t do this. They think this might damage the house price.

Thirdly, the people live depending on the language. And then the language relies on the culture. So, this is why the people from different country will think in a different way, even if you can translate the language into another one. But you still can’t understand why. This is the culture that matters.

If you want to learn something from the other countries. The first thing you should do is to learn the culture. Let me take an example. Something is only showed in your country. Just like the words “hukou” in china. This kind of things present where you belong or rather say which province or city are you in. but that can’t be seen in the American people. Because they never hear of the “hukou” things in their whole life. Even you can find an English word to represent the “hukou” they still can’t understand. So, you should know their cultures and tell them in a special way. To explain what the “hukou” is, then they’ll get your meaning.

When you speak another language, please don’t think about your own language. Just think about their culture first. Don’t do the translation all the time, try to get to know their culture first. Then you’ll find gradually the English is easy to learn just like your mother language.

Double-edged sword

As one old saying goes, every coin has two sides.In my point of view,so is tourism.

Firstly,I’d like to talk about the advantage of the tourism.It is known to us that nowadays, the third industry is one of the most potential one.The first industry is just agriculture,which is closely related to our daily .But it relies too much on the nature,and it is not stable.For example,if the weather this year is not good,the farmers will face the decrease on the production,sometimes even devastation.The second industry is industry.We all know that industry production needs a lot of energy.And many energy just comes from non renewable resources.So the development of the industry is not sustainable.Compared to the two kinds of industries,the third one is much better.At the same time, tourism is just one of the important items of the third one.

Developing tourism has a lot of advantages, for example,it can provided many employment opportunities.This solved the employment problem in a large extent.In addition,developing tourism can accelerate the speed of the development of economy.Apart from that,it is able to improve the structure of the economy of our nation.Besides, which can enhance the people’s life level and so on.Developing tourism is a good choice for those Area where the economy is not highly developed,and has a lot of beautiful natural scenes.

But,everything is a double- edged sword.The development of tourism has disadvantages too.With the development of the economy,people’s consuming ability is going up instantly.More and more people tend to enjoy ,and tourism is just a good choice for them.But the existence of incivilization behavior.Many people prefer to leave something in the places of interest to prove that he or she has come to this place.They carve and draw picture on the places of interest,after more and more people do this ,the environment will get badly damaged.Besides,many tourists like to drop garbage everywhere,after their visit the scene become the world of rubbish.Once the environment is destroyed, it will take such a long time for it to recover by itself.\

In my opinion,tourism department should improve the relevant laws and regulations.Strengthen the education to the tourist meanwhile.As tourist,we should obey the rules actively.Making full use of the advantages of tourism and lowing its disadvantages to the lowest meanwhile.

Rabbit jump river

A little white rabbit in the forest.A rabbit’s are known to be timid.So it is often frightened.And every time always like stone pressure in their heart.Little rabbit touched himself very small, because all the animals in the forest can bully it.Although it is not willing to, but he did not dare to rebel every time being bullied!Over time, it was more and more heavy!

On one occasion, a small rabbit with many other rabbit to play together.Little rabbit again sad for his cowardly incompetence, lamented his life is full of danger and fear.

So he really couldn’t help it, like his fellow crying.The more they talk about the sad, as if there have been many unfortunate happen to me.They even think that is the reason why they have become a rabbit.To this extent, negative imagination emerge endlessly.They lament their natural adversity.Rabbit is neither strength and wings, also have no teeth.They can only every day spent in about it afraid of, even want to abandon all things a big sleep and could hear what the long ears.Speaking of which, they latosolic red eyes also becomes more bright red.

They feel the life is meaningless, it is the root of self-loathing into them.A chill, they felt, and its life is worse than death. They would rather live in a dream, life is meaningless for them!

And so they unanimously decided to jump off a cliff taking his own life, end it all.This is final, so they are together towards the cliff, want to be a minister.At this time, some frogs are squatting around the lake, heard hurried footsteps.The frog nervous, flee for life go to immediately jump into deep water.

This is a rabbit saw every time they go to a pond, they have been able to shrug off.But today, there is a rabbit suddenly understand what.It said aloud: “quick stop, we don’t have to be scared to die for live! Right now because we can see, the more timid animals than we are!”

So say, the mood of the rabbits wonderfully were flung open.As if there is a courage spewing out, so they merrily merrily went home. They didn’t feel depressed!
This story is to warn us, in our own now don’t experience it complains the unfair of fate.In fact, there are many more unfortunate than we are.Think of those more fortunate still strong alive, why can’t we?

The shawshank redemption

The shawshank redemption is a rare good motivational film.Hollywood movie plot is very simple, full of legend.Film about an had been falsely murder of his wife and her lover banker Andy came to shawshank prison was sentenced to life in prison.In prison, his extraordinary attracted the attention of the black prisoners rhett and eventually formed a very good friend.Andy always silent and maintenance himself as a normal person should retain as much as possible.An accidental opportunity, he began to use my knowledge of financial help prison guards “legal” tax evasion.Later, he even helped the warden money laundering, in exchange for some prisoners, to oneself a little loose.He took pains to write to the state, and gets the response in a few years – a state to shawshank donated books, record player.In the end, he even won the unprecedented prison library foundation – $500 a year.However, Andy finally learned from a new prisoner killed his own wife the truth.He also raised the hope of life.When he asked the warden to ask for complaint has been rough rebuffed.Because of the greed of the warden has to Andy as his cash cow for profiteering.In order to keep him, even kill the people close to the prisoner to the warden will forever remain in shawshank Andy to satisfy his endless greed for money.Andy for law and justice of disillusionment, finally quietly to the way of self-salvation.So he chose to late at night in a dark and lightning.Andy successfully through his 19 years dug into the secret passage, and regain his freedom.

This is undo In the film have the sentence is very classical: prison is a strange place.At first you hate it and then get used to it.After much longer, you can not live without it.This is called institutionalized.

ubtedly a profound connotation of film.Tall guarded shawshank is a symbol of rich meaning, as we often encounter in reality a cold authoritative representatives.When we was a little to himself, we began to accept the authority of training, constantly forging and implication.We are constantly told to completely clean out your own inner path.We desperately, sincerely accept its enlightenment.Andy told us for success: pure respect and practice on their own dreams.But authority is imperceptible, subtly becomes a part of our own.Our heart and breathing with the authority conferred by the rhythm of our unity.And our own but have no idea.He image expression of the institutionalization of obedience is a system under lose yourself, still have hope for freedom.

Beijing among ‘most global’ cities

Beijing has beaten out Seoul, Brussels, Singapore, and its US counterpart, Washington DC, to earn a place among the world’s most globally influential cities, a new survey has shown.

The Chinese capital was ranked eighth, ascending into the top 10 for first time, according to the 2014 A.T. Kearney Global Cities Index (GCI) released.

The GCI, conducted every two years since 2008, measures the level of global engagement for 84 cities across five dimensions – business activity, human capital, information exchange, cultural experience, and political engagement.

The result is a comprehensive measurement of a city’s global influence rather than an evaluation that focuses only on business.Beijing’s rise in the rankings was attributed to sharp progress in four out of five GCI criteria: activities of Fortune 500 companies, employees at international schools, number of broadband subscribers, and cultural exchanges between museums.

The Global Cities Index is a tool that business executives can use to identify locations for regional headquarters that have the potential to attract and retain top talent. Many cities are also using the Global Cities Index to benchmark their development initiatives

Another Chinese city in the elite class is Hong Kong, which has remained No 5 for the last six years. This year, however, Hong Kong saw a significant drop in information exchange from No 4 to No 9, and was overtaken by Beijing and London in business activity and by Tokyo and Chicago in human capital.

Although Beijing is still three slots behind Hong Kong, its role as the political and cultural center of China has propelled the capital past Hong Kong in terms of business activity, cultural exchange and political engagement.Still, a more international and educated group of citizens and a better ability to facilitate quick and free information exchange have helped Hong Kong to secure a higher overall score than Beijing.

New York, London, Paris and Tokyo remain the top 4 on the index.

In the middle of the rankings are Shanghai, at No 18, and Taipei, which was No 40. Shanghai, which improved by three places in 2014, attracted a more diverse and talented group of citizens, giving it a comparative advantage over Taipei and Beijing.

The position of Taipei has dropped slowly from No 34 in 2008 to No 40 in 2014. Human capital and business activity are Taipei’s weak spots when compared to its fellow Chinese cities.Three more Chinese cities were mentioned in the top 84: Guangzhou at No 66, Shenzhen at No73, and Chongqing at No 84.

Guangzhou, capital of South China’s Guangdong province, had the highest percentage increase in business activity and human capital across the globe, but also had the most significant decrease in political engagement.

Shenzhen had a much lower score in human capital than its twin city of Guangzhou. Human capital measures the size of a city’s foreign born population and international students, as well as the performance of its universities and the education level of citizens.

Southwest China’s Chongqing, was among the cities that have slipped the most in rank since 2008.Over the last six years, Chongqing has experienced both the biggest percentage drop in political engagement as well as the highest percentage increase in business activities.

ABC International launches app

On the 40th anniversary of the Australian Broadcasting Corporations presence in China, ABC International has launched a Chinese English mobile phone app into the Chinese market.

The app-Australia plus is now available for download from iTunes China App store and Android app stores or at Australia It features the best of Australia life covering the arts, business, science, education and entertainment.

Speaking at an event to launch the app, as well as to celebrate the ABC’s 40 years in China, held in Beijing on Thursday, October 31, the Chairman of the ABC, Mr. James Spigelman AC QC said ‘‘like the ABC, my personal involvement with China is forty years old. From the time I accompanied Prime Minister Whitlam on his visit in 1973, I have understood the importance of, and sought to enhance, the relationship between our nations. I am pleased to be able to continue to do so as chair of the ABC.’’

Managing Director of the ABC, Mr Mark Scott, noted that the launch of the Mandarin app coupled with recent partnership agreements between ABC International and many of China’s leading media outlets provided a greater opportunity for both countries to share stories and engage more on issues of mutual interest. “The Australia Plus app and the new media partnerships give broadcasters in both Australia and China the opportunity to reach more people and provide greater insights into each other’s cultures, and through that, a greater understanding and appreciation of our common interests as neighbours in the region”.

ABC International is now engaging in partnerships with Shanghai Media Group, CCTV, Beijing TV, China Daily, China News service,, Tencent QQ, and Netease.

The Australia plus app is free to download and features a question and answers-style introduction to Australia Stories covering a wide range of topics of interest to a Chinese audience.

The app features a popular “Aussiegram” sit allowing users to create and share their own iconic Australia experience with koalas, Kangaroos, crocodiles and native birds. The app’s bilingual feature also provides a useful English language learning school.

Nike free run tiffany blue is the best choice to have a break from them

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When we talk about the brand tiffany

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